Neither Here Nor There

Photographic series

A poetic re-negotiation

The body in relation to space is a central theme in these photographic works.
How do we relate to our surroundings and how can we reimagine ourselves occupying our habitat differently? In the series ‘Neither here nor there’ I propose a poetic re-negotiation of the relationship we humans have with our surroundings. With this photographic work I draw a parallel universe, envisioning a different reality where the impossible seems possible and the mundane seems remarkable.

As with most of my work, I started off with intensive location scouting. These photographs were made in Croatia, Belgium, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. All the models are professional dancers and close friends who were with me as we were travelling these countries. These works started in 2008 and finished around 2017. They have been featured in Lamono magazine, Ignant and Inspyre magazine.


2015 Copenhagen Architecture Festival at Leth&Gori.

2017 Rivercity gallery in Göteborg Sweden


Arika Yamada, Pascal Marty, Katarina Van Den Wouwer, Oleg Stepanov, Ashley Wright, Brandon Lagaert

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