A Mind’s Echo

By Jim De Block

created for

Nudans Extended in 2015

This piece is an exploration into the unreliability of our own memories. I was inspired by how memories can evolve and change over time. Memory is reconstructive, not reproductive. Studies show that we do not only suffer from memory loss over time but there is peculiar memory addition as well. We actually fabricate certain details of the recollections in our mind. How do we know if what we remember is

accurate? This ought to give us pause regarding our own memories, especially when they conflict with someone else’s. Are we often wrong but never in doubt? For the set design I started by deconstructing old VHS tapes. A vessel of memory that today is rendered obsolete by new media but once was ubiquitous and an important way of recording our memories,

even though VHS tapes were also affected by repetitive usage, slightly altering and distorting over time. Using the emptied cassettes we constructed a spiralling tower structure that by rotation keeps changing shape.


Nudans Extended 2015


cover photos by Tilo Stengel

NUdans is a collaboration between The Göteborg Opera and Swedish professional dance courses. For five weeks, graduate students from different schools meet at The Göteborg Opera to work on a produc- tion created especially for them by choreographers/dancers from Göteborgs-Operans Danskompani. This year, the NUdans Company consists of 13 selected students plus a guest dancer from Göteborgs- Operans Danskompani.

The students come from the Royal Swedish Ballet School, the Gothenburg Ballet Academy and Balettakademien in Stockholm. The choreographers have created their performances on the dance season’s theme of Wonderland – Weird and wonderful.


Adam Bernstein

Evelina Gustavsson

Nea Landin

Moa Sobelius

Emelie Söderström


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