By Jim De Block and Oleg Stepanov


Premiered at 3deVåningen

for Måndans

2 people are stuck inside an underground facility on the planet of Uranus for years. They haven’t seen the sun in years. With no contact to the outside world and to planet Earth they start to lose hope for being rescued. This dystopian, humorous mini piece was made for the Måndans program in 3de Våningen Theater in Gothenburg, Sweden


Måndans is a platform for  West Swedish choreographers, dancers and artists to try out their choreographic ideas in front of an audience. One of the universe’s celestial bodies is always the theme for these evenings. In the seventh edition of Måndans, we aim the binoculars at Uranus – one of the 

universe’s giant planets, shimmering green-blue, covered with clouds and surrounded by 27 moons. Uranus is the planet of contrasts with a big difference between night and day, light and darkness. The winter lasts for a full 42 earth years, followed by an equally long summer!



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