Forsaken Faith

140x93cm printed on enhanced matte paper
Limited edition of 10

Taken in 2007, This church been built by German protestants living in Poland and was abandoned after WWII for over 50 years. A local sheep herder had been using the church as a pen for his livestock.

We drove about 2600km to get this shot and when we finally arrived at the location they had boarded up and sealed shut all of the entrances. A little creative thinking was necessary to enter this place. The feeling I had when we first set foot in there is indescribable. Like we were archaeologists stumbling on an ancient tomb. The place was in very bad shape. Most of the wood had rotten away and the whole structure looked and sounded like it was near collapse. Because of the stark contrast with the light pouring in from the damaged roof, it was necessary to take 3 separate exposures and combine them after in one shot to get a decent shot.

I was convinced this place was meant to be bulldozed but much to my surprise I found out recently they have secured funding for the restoration of this place and they have already started working on it.

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